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Chi sceglie i nostri appartamenti sceglie la quintessenza dell’Umbria. Dentro si trovano tutti gli ingredienti per la vacanza perfetta: al piano terra cucina, divano-letto e bagno; al piano superiore la stanza matrimoniale. E fuori dagli appartamenti? Natura a perdita d’occhio, vista sul lago Trasimeno e la piscina panoramica

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Events and Retirements

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We rent wide dining restaurant, space for training camps or dance parties, professional kitchen for those who want to do the right thing (twelve fires, wood-burning oven and electric kettle, dishwasher), fifteen acres of woods and nature as far as the eye , outdoor games for children and scenic walks ...

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Il Parco del Galluzzo

attivita galluzzo

Incastonata in un’immensa scenografia clorofilliana, la Locanda del Galluzzo galleggia per magia fra le dolci colline umbro-toscane e le acque del lago Trasimeno... Vi attende uno squisito cocktail di passeggiate, profumi, colori, giochi, installazioni e opere d'arte a cielo aperto

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Welcome to Locanda del Galluzzo!

Rooms and apartments with views of Lake Trasimeno for your best holiday in the green heart of Italy.

The farm takes its name from the nearby former tavern Galluzzo, an old house (which still exists) between Umbria and Tuscany, where all those young Europeans used to refresh during the Grand Tour to Italy.

To go from Florence to Rome it takes four or five days ... I prefer the way of Perugia to Siena: you have the opportunity to visit Arezzo ... and then the surroundings of Lake Trasimeno are beautiful. Nothing better than a frugal meal under the pergola of a small inn, Galluzzo, delighted by the clear blue sky, the bright lights and glare from the lake, and in the hope, the day that this little place is all covered with vines, to find ourselves still here to enjoy the same delights.

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Locanda del Galluzzo

Agriturismo Locanda del GalluzzoAgriturismo Locanda del GalluzzoWelcome to Locanda del Galluzzo
Rooms and apartments with views of Lake Trasimeno for your best holidays in the Green Heart of Italy

Set in an immense scene chlorophyll, Locanda del Galluzzo floats magically among the rolling hills of Umbria and Tuscany, and the waters of Lake Trasimeno ...

Served a delicious cocktail of walks, scents, colors ... Locanda del Galluzzo is a sweet dream with open eyes, a huge hug to nature.

The farm is located halfway between Lake Trasimeno and two charming medieval villages: Passignano and Castel Rigone. The apartments, rooms and endless green spaces at Locanda del Galluzzo are ideal for families with children, groups of friends, couples in the mood for romance, motorcyclists, cyclists, campers, sporting retreats, yoga classes, seminars, cooking classes, vegetarian and vegan holiday. Dogs and other pets welcome!!!

In addition, the Locanda del Galluzzo is the perfect location for those who want to enjoy holidays or sports retreats and cultural spaces of the restaurant (also suitable for parties and sporting activities) and professional kitchens are for hire!

Agriturismo Locanda del GalluzzoAgriturismo Locanda del GalluzzoThe interiors and exteriors of the Locanda del Galluzzo are excellent for yoga retreats, qi gong, the 5 Tibetans, team building, hanami (it is surrounded by cherry blossom), holistic activities, agape, consueling, milonga, foxtrot, happenings, performance art. Catering service on request - also vegetarian and vegan - for groups of minimum 10 people

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Galluzzo from the clouds

Lago Trasimeno and surroundings

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